Generic HART DTM-6 installs into the PACTware frame Device Catalog to add basic HART protocol support for HART devices. DTM-6 works with any HART device because it supports the HART protocol common practice and universal commands. The DTM-6 professional license will allow you to perform calibrations, configuration and tuning on your HART devices using a single efficient software tool without paying a subscription fee.  Add device specific DTM modules to PACTware (usually available from your device manufacturer) to add full HART protocol support.  If a specific DTM does not yet exist for your HART device the Generic DTM-6 can provide a simple low cost solution.

DTM-6 Manual (PDF)
PACTware Brochure (PDF)
PACTware Quick Start Guide (PDF)
HART Protocol Frequently Asked Questions


Microflex offers two versions of the Generic HART DTM. The Standard licence version is included free with all Microflex HART protocol modems. The Professional license requires a USB Microlink modem and adds calibrations, archiving, and report printing.


Perform Device Calibrations

Calibration wizards with on-screen help and instructions guide you through the preparation and implementation steps for 5 calibration methods.

  • Sensor Trim
  • Zero Trim Dynamic Variables (PV, SV,TV, QV)
  • Scaled DAC Trim
  • Analog Output, DAC Trim
  • Analog Output Loop Test (4-20mA)
  • Set Measuring Range


Trend Graph and Log Archives to a file

Device current output and the four dynamic variables can be recorded cyclically, trend graphed, and saved in a CSV or Microsoft Access database file. Log sensor performance over time to improve device tuning and performance.  Archives document bench mark performance for future comparison and evaluation.

DTM-6 Archives

Printing Parameters and Reports

All parameters, or a subset of the parameters, can be printed together with the name, value, description, and status. PACTware can show the printout as a preview in a window. Printing reports allows you to keep records of device configurations and helps document your systems.