The Display Configurator App software is used to setup and configure the Pixel Signs process bar displays. 

The app communicates to the display by connecting a Windows based PC to the serial port on the display.
RS-232 or RS-485 can be used.

PB-C Main Screen
PB-C main form provides a quick overview of the displays settings.
A setup wizard can quickly guide you through setting up a new display, or do each step as needed.  All settings can be saved to a configuration file and uploaded to a new display. Configurations can be printed to a report to document the setup.
PB-C Display Type Dialog
Quickly set a display type for the left and right bars.
PB-C Modbus Master Settings
The communications port can be configured as a modbus master to poll modbus slave devices for data to display. As a modbus slave your master device simply writes to a register in the PB display.  The display will scale and filter the value and display it on a 0 to 100% bar.
PB-C Input Configuration Screen
Multiple input choices are available and scaling your input engineering units value to bar display percent is easy.
Scale analog input screen.
Analog inputs, 0 to 10 volts, can quickly be scaled by applying a minimum and maximum voltage that corresponds to the process value.
PB-C Color Screen
Quickly choose colors for your display or create your own, up to 4096 possible colors. Add optional tick marks and over/under-range ticks to your bar display.
PB-C Annunciator Setup Screen
Each bar can be configured to show on/off states like a light bar or annunciator panel with 1 to 8 annunciators per side and of course the colors are fully configurable.