Two bars of 25 high intensity red/green/blue LED pixels provides 4% viewing resolution. Highly configurable using the free PB configurator app. Scales and filters modbus registers, voltages, events counter or timers.  View modbus coil data as annunciators with up to 8 annunciators per side. 

Bar pixels are projected in a way that allows the display to be highly viewable outdoors - even in bright sunlight.  Intended to be located near the process source, they provide clear visual feedback of almost any process. The displays are microprocessor controlled and can filter and scale your data before being displayed – no external processing required.



ModbusDisplays can be configured as a modbus slave or master. As a modbus master the display will continuously read specific modbus registers to be displayed.  Modbus floating point, 16-bit integer, and coils are supported. As a modbus slave simply write to the display registers and the display will filter and scale your data - 10 updates per second. Modbus coil data can be displayed as annunciators with up to 8 annunciators per side.

PB Display Accessories

PB Quick Start Guide (PDF)
PB Display Manual (PDF)
PB Custom Legends Manual (PDF)
PB Configurator Software


  • Scale, filter and display; analog voltages, modbus registers (integers & floats), timers with 0.1 second resolution, events counter, and annunciator coil states.

  • 1% resolution for the PB100 display,

  • 2% resolution for the PB50 display,

  • 4% resolution for the PB25 display

  • Up to 4096 possible colors 

  • high efficiency red/green/blue LED pixels

  • Modbus RTU serial port for RS-485 or RS-232 communications

  • Modbus slave or master modes supported

  • Display up to 16 annunciator coil states

  • Show min-max plus over/under range bar pixels

  • Two configurable inputs, can be analog or digital

  • Analog inputs have 0-10V range, 

  • use a 250 ohm resistor to convert 4-20mA current loops to voltage

  • Digital inputs can clear min/max, reset timer/counter or display on/off states

  • IP65 Enclosure and unique LED pixel design allow for outdoor applications

  • Add custom weather-resistant legends that you design and print for your specific application

  • Multiple mounting options; pipe, surface, or panel

  • Configuration software included

Easy Configuration

Display configuration is done using the PB Configurator software, available as a free download. A Setup Wizard is available to guide you through each step of the setup process. The displays RS-232/RS-485 serial port is used for setup communications prior to placing the display in service. All configuration settings can be saved to a file as well as printed in a report format to document the setup.

Custom Legends

Display legends or scales can be added to the sides of the display. The PB Configurator app includes tools to help with the legend layout or use the included Microsoft Word templates. The custom legend is then printed on precut adhesive-backed sheets using a standard printer. The custom legend labels can then be applied to optional legend supports. A clear over-laminate tape makes the legend waterproof, UV resistant, and chemical resistant. 

Flexible Mounting

Multiple mounting options are available including surface mount, pipe mount, and panel mount.

The field wire fitting can be a wire seal gland or 1/2” NPT conduit fitting. Refer to the Process Bar Display manual for details.