HART® Protocol Modems

MicroLink HART protocol modems provides a simple link to HART® (Highway Addressable Remote Transmitter) smart devices.Cable HART protocol modems with USB and RS-232 interfaces.HM HART modems provide Modbus-RTU support.InLink HART modem modules for OEM embedded applications.

RS-485 Converters

RS-485 converters easily connect to your two wire RS-485 device and convert to RS-232 or USB. They feature auto transmit control and do not require RTS (request-to-send) for direction control. All feature glitch-free power up/down permits live insertion or removal.

Field Tools Test Equipment

Field Tools is a collection of service tools designed to make the field technician and engineers job a little easier. The 24V Supply provides portable power to loop-powered transmitters. It's easy to use, includes all connection leads, and makes it simple to attach your HART protocol modem to the loop....

HM HART Protocol Modems with Modbus Accumulator

HM Series HART protocol modems can be used as a standard HART configuration modem or setup as a HART master to continuously poll HART devices storing variable data into modbus registers.  Modbus commands can then be used to read HART device variables. HM configuration software is included free.

Gas Sampling Equipment

Maximize the accuracy of natural gas samples using the 2KC Solutions gas sample cylinder heating system. Gas sampling regulations require that the cylinder be preheated when taking spot samples. To meet these requirements the GCH heater preheats cylinders to 140°F, cold to hot in about 10 minutes. Heaters are available...

Gas Meter Volume Pulsers

MicroPulser™ is a precision microprocessor based dual channel flow rate transmitter designed to be installed between the meter and vertical index, or instrument on most industrial/commercial gas flow meters. MicroPulser provides high resolution flow rate information to RTU's, flow computers or any other device requiring accurate flow rate information. Flow volumes...