HART® Protocol Modems

Provides a simple communications link to HART® devices (Highway Addressable Remote Transmitter). Cable and DIN mount HART protocol modems with USB and RS-232 interfaces. HM HART modems provide Modbus-RTU support. InLink HART modem modules for OEM embedded applications.

RS-485 Converters

RS-485 converters easily connect to your two wire RS-485 device using RS-232 or USB. Auto transmit control - do not require RTS (request-to-send) for direction control. Glitch-free power up/down permits live insertion or removal.

MicroPulser Gas Meter Volume Pulsers

Precision microprocessor based dual channel flow rate transmitter. Provides high resolution flow rate information to RTU's, flow computers or any other device requiring accurate flow rate information. Flow volumes can be calculated more frequently - 1000 pulses per revolution output.