PixelSigns Process Bar Displays

Display data from Modbus registers, voltages (two 0-10V inputs), internal timers and event counters. Vivid bar graph display using high intensity red/green/blue LEDs. Viewable in bright sunlight - perfect for indoor and outdoor applications. Modbus RTU serial port for RS-485 or RS-232 communications. Free configuration software.

HART® Protocol Modems

Provides a simple communications link to HART® devices (Highway Addressable Remote Transmitter). Cable and DIN mount HART protocol modems with USB and RS-232 interfaces. HM HART modems provide Modbus-RTU support. InLink HART modem modules for OEM embedded applications.

HM HART Protocol Modems with Modbus Accumulator

HM Series HART protocol modems can be used as a standard HART configuration modem or setup as a HART master to continuously poll HART devices storing variable data into modbus registers.  Modbus commands can read HART device variables. HM configurator and HART device addresser software apps included free.

RS-485 Converters

RS-485 converters easily connect to your two wire RS-485 device using RS-232 or USB. Auto transmit control - do not require RTS (request-to-send) for direction control. Glitch-free power up/down permits live insertion or removal.

Fiber Optic Converters

Extend RS-485 networks up to 2 miles.  Simple to use - no switches or jumpers. Fiber provides secure EMI/RFI noise immunity; not affected by transients, surges, and ground loop issues.