MicroPulser 1000 CW/CCW Outputs


MicroPulser 1000 provides a pulse output for forward flow (rotation in one direction) and a seperate output for reverse flow (rotation in the opposite direction).  Only MicroPulser offers this feature.  Determining index rotation direction allows blocking flow pulses in reverse flow.  If flow is to be measured in both directions...

MicroPulser 1000M Matched Outputs


MicroPulser 1000M provides pulses on both output channels - regardless of rotation direction. True Absolute Rate filtering provides a +/-36 degrees of rotation de-bounce window. When flow is reversed, allow 36 degrees of rotation (100 pulses) before pulse output resumes on both outputs. Read more about True Absolute Rate... MP-1000M...

Field Tools Pulse Scope


Pulse Scope is a USB oscilloscope that turns your laptop into a powerful diagnostics tool. It can be used by field service technicians and engineers to help with troubleshooting pulse or frequency related equipment. Pulse scope cost significantly less than a portable oscilloscope and is easier to use. It is...

Top Spinner Cover Kit


Protects the MicroPulser top spinner when a mechanical index is not installed on top of the pulser.   Includes the cover, gaskets, and stainless steel mounting screws.  Mounts using exiting threaded holes on the MicroPulser body.Spinner Cover Kit Manual (PDF)