PixelSigns Displays

See your process data at the source with a process bar (PB) display. Display modbus registers, voltages, event counter, and timers on large high visibility LED bar displays. Highly configurable and easy to setup. Viewable in bright sunlight. Three sizes available. Free configuration software. Design your own custom legends. Two analog/digital inputs. RS-232/RS-485 serial port. Modbus RTU.

HART Protocol Modems

MicroLink HART protocol modems provides a simple link between a PC and HART® (Highway Addressable Remote Transmitter) devices. All are HART compliant and maintain compatibility with HART software. Included USB software drivers make the USB modems appear to your HART software as though it were connected to an RS-232 port. Modems include the PACTware FDT frame, and the fully licensed Generic HART DTM-6 software, a simple solution that works with any HART protocol field device by supporting the common practice and universal HART commands. 

The Microflex Generic DTM-6 or Device Type Manager is installed into the PACTware FDT frame providing a simple solution that works with any HART field device. The Generic HART DTM-6 and PACTware frame supports HART common practice and universal commands. Not all functions will be available but in many applications the generic DTM-6 may be the cost effective solution to your HART device configuration needs at an affordable price.

InLink modems are complete HART protocol modem modules for OEM applications. InLink modems modulates and demodulates 1200 BAUD serial data to the HART protocol and can be easily interfaced to most micro-controllers and processors. For applications that require galvanic isolation the InLink-TC provides transformer coupling to the HART loop. The InLink-CC uses capacitor coupling to the HART loop. InLink-HM offers modbus-RTU support plus transformer coupling.

RS-485 Converters

Microflex RS-485 converters easily connect to your two wire RS-485 device and convert to either RS-232 or USB. They feature auto transmit control and do not require RTS (request-to-send) for direction control. Glitch-free power up/down permits live insertion or removal. No external power supply is required as power is taken from the RS-232 or USB port. Durable rubber and stainless steel construction and simple setup makes these converters ideal for field use. USB converters includes USB virtual serial port drivers on a CD.

Fiber-Optic Converters

Extend RS-485 networks up to 2 miles.  Simple to use - no switches or jumpers. Fiber provides secure EMI/RFI noise immunity and is not affected by transients, surges, and ground loop issues. 

 Natural Gas Spot Sampling Equipment

Visit www.2KCsolutions.com for additional information or to purchase 2KC Solutions natural gas spot sampling products.

Gas Meter Volume Pulser

MicroPulser™ is a precision microprocessor based dual channel flow rate transmitter designed to be installed between the meter and vertical index, or instrument on most industrial/commercial gas flow meters.