Loop Tap makes connecting to 2-wire 4-20 mA current loop devices easy and simple. Commission and calibrate your devices faster with increased reliability by eliminating test leads and alligator clips from your test setup. Loop Tap includes the loop resistor and modem clip points so attaching your HART protocol modem to the loop is easy and reliable. Tip-jacks allow you to quickly attach and remove your test meter without breaking the loop. Stop struggling with your test setup and start using a Loop Tap.

Loop Tap Manual (PDF)

Loop Tap Connections


  • Fast and Easy loop transmitter test setup
  • Reliable connections - No Alligator Clips
  • Includes loop resistor
  • HART modem clip terminals - simple modem connection
  • Current meter tip jacks - connect/disconnect current meter without breaking the loop
  • Compact durable enclosure stands up to rugged field use
  • PTC short circuit / over current protection

Block Diagram

Loop Tap Block Diagram
For a solution that includes a power source take a look at our Field Tools Loop Power.  Part Number 101-0028