Fast, Simple Setup for HART field devices

Microflex HART Host Class 3B is a software app for Windows based PCs used to commission and calibrate HART field devices.
HART Host is compatible with all Microflex HART protocol modems and all HART field devices.HART Protocol Logo

The HART specification describes several host conformance classes. Class 3 can perform basic configuration of any field device and is the minimum level required to be classified as a "Generic Host".  It supports the HART protocol common practice and universal commands so it will work with any HART device.  It does not include EDD or FDI integration but in most cases the extra complexity is not required - making HART Host a simple solution.  

HART Host Class 3B requires Microsoft Windows 7 or higher operating system and a USB or serial HART protocol modem.

HART Host Quick Start Guide (PDF)
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HART Host Class 3B Home Screen


  • Perform basic configuration of any field device even though the host does not have the special EDD or FDI drivers for the device
  • Display all basic device settings on main screen for simple navigation
  • Read and write device ID fields
  • Perform loop trim and simulate output current or volts
  • Re-Range and calibrate primary variable settings
  • Assign device variables to dynamic variables (PV, SV, TV, QV)
  • Read device variables
  • Read HART device type codes and manufacturer codes
  • Display HART device status information
  • Perform device self-test and device reset
  • Assign HART device polling address
  • Scan for HART devices in a multi-drop loop
  • Display Trend Charts and export chart to a file, clipboard, or print
  • Compatible with all Microflex HART protocol modems

Device Calibrations

  • Device Variables Sensor Trim (URV, LRV, Zero, Reset to factory trim)
  • PV Trim (URV, LRV, Zero)
  • Analog Output Loop (DAC) Trim
  • Analog Output Loop Test (4-20mA or 1-5V)
  • Set Measuring Range