MicroPulser 1000 provides a pulse output for forward flow (rotation in one direction) and a seperate output for reverse flow (rotation in the opposite direction).  Only MicroPulser offers this feature.  Determining index rotation direction allows blocking flow pulses in reverse flow.  If flow is to be measured in both directions from separate outputs, the index shaft must reverse 36 degrees (100 pulses) before pulses will appear on the reverse flow output. 

MP-1000 Brochure (PDF)
MicroPulser Manual (PDF)
Installation Drawing (PDF)

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  • Detects flow direction and provides a separate output for clockwise and counter-clockwise rotation
  • Provides 1000 pulses per revolution
  • Designed for class I, Division 1 Groups C and D locations
  • Designed to fit most industrial and commercial gas meters
  • Microprocessor True Absolute Rate algorithm removes error pulses caused by vibration
  • Open collector outputs simplify interfacing
  • Standard 1/2" NPT electrical connection
  • Environmentally sealed electronics
  • Lubrication free Engineered Plastic bearings