The 101-0090 RS-232 to RS-485 Converter provides a simple, galvanically isolated interface between an RS-232 serial port and 2-wire RS-485 devices. It features automatic direction control to switch between receive and transmit so RTS (Request-To-Send) is not needed. Isolation is important for systems where the ground loop may be broken allowing for large common mode voltage variation.

DIN rail mounting allows the converter to be quickly installed in your equipment rack, along with other DIN mounted equipment.

RS-232 to RS-485 Converter Manual (PDF)

> RS-232 DB-9 Cable


    • Auto transmit control - RTS is not needed

    • Wide 5 volt to 30 volt DC supply range

    • Includes high ESD protection (±15KV HBM) on transceiver

    • Power Up/Down glitch-free permits live insertion or removal

    • High common mode transient immunity: 30KV/us

    • 1000 VRMS galvanic isolation between the RS-485 side and RS-232 side

    • Convenient small footprint 35mm DIN rail mounting

    • Pluggable screw terminals simplify field servicing

    • RoHS compliant