The 101-0009 RS-232 to RS-485 Converter provides a simple, low cost interface between a PC or laptop with an RS-232 serial port, and 2-wire RS-485 devices.

Several features of this converter make it simple to use while providing maximum compatibility. RS-232 control lines are looped back to simplify hand-shake issues. Power for the converter is taken from the serial port lines - no external power supply is needed. In some cases, only transmit, receive, and ground are required. Power is also taken from DTR (data terminal ready) if provided. Switching between receive and transmit is automatically controlled. RTS (request to send) is not used to control transmit.

A rugged design makes this device an ideal choice for field engineers and technicians who service RS-485 2-wire equipment in an industrial environment. Because the Microlink RS-485 converter is used on devices without a ground terminal, voltage suppression is used to clamp the common mode voltage to +/- 7 volts for increased protection.

RS-232 to RS-485 Converter Manual (PDF)

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> USB-A to RS-485 Converter


  • Auto transmit control eliminates RTS requirement

  • Power Up/Down glitch-free permits live insertion or removal

  • Powered from RS-232 Com Port

  • Common mode range permits +/-7V ground difference

  • Not bus terminated - increases flexibility

  • Rubber and stainless steel enclosure handles rough field use

  • Super low power design for extended portable computer battery life

  • FCC and CE approved

 > Optional case