The 101-0019 USB to RS-485 Converter provides the connection interface between a PC or laptop with a USB port and 2-wire RS-485 devices. Universal Serial Bus (USB) drivers make this converter compatible with most software developed for RS-232 serial port interfaces because it appears as an RS-232 port to your software. Switching between receive and transmit is automatically controlled, RTS (request to send) is not needed. Power for the converter is taken from the USB port so no external power supply is required. Ideal for systems where the ground loop may be broken allowing for large common mode voltage variation.

DIN rail mounting allows the converter to be quickly installed in your equipment rack, along with other DIN mounted equipment.

Includes USB virtual serial port drivers for Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, and 2000

USB RS-485 Converter Manual (PDF)


    • Auto transmit control - RTS is not needed

    • USB port powered, no external supply is required

    • Includes high ESD protection (±15KV HBM) on transceiver

    • Power Up/Down glitch-free permits live insertion or removal

    • High common mode transient immunity: 30KV/us

    • 2500VRMS galvanic isolation between the line transceiver and USB

    • Convenient small footprint 35mm DIN rail mounting

    • Pluggable screw terminal for RS-485 bus connections

    • RoHS compliant