Field Tools Loop Power


The Field Tools Loop Power provides portable power to loop-powered 2-wire transmitters for commissioning and testing. It's a fully contained power source that takes the low voltage from three "AAA" alkaline batteries and increases it to a highly filtered 24 volt power source. Loop Power is easy to use, includes...

USB Extension Cable (2 meter)


2 meter USB-A male to USB-A female extension cable. Can be used with USB modems and converters to increase the cable length. USB 2.0 compliant.

RS-232 Extension Cable (6ft)


RS-232 DB9 male to DB9 female extension cable, 6 feet long.Can be used with RS-232 modems and converters to increase the cable length.

Case - Soft-sided


Soft-side zipper-top product case (7" w x 6" h x 2 d"). Super soft black faux fur interior lining. Front pouch is unlined. Side clip on left and a pen holder on the right side.

Screwdriver - Precision Slotted 2mm Blade


Works great with the PixelSigns process bar displays, DIN mounted modems and DIN mounted RS-485 converter field screw terminal blocks. Blade width is 2mm.

USB-A to USB-B Cable (2 meter)


USB-A male to USB-B male extension cable. Can be used to connect modems and converters with standard USB-B type connectors to a computer with a USB-A port. USB 2.0 compliant.

Field Tools Loop Tap


Loop Tap makes connecting to 2-wire 4-20 mA current loop devices easy and simple. Commission and calibrate your devices faster with increased reliability by eliminating test leads and alligator clips from your test setup. Loop Tap includes the loop resistor and modem clip points so attaching your HART protocol modem...