True-Absolute-Rate is a noise, or false pulse elimination technique, unique to MicroPulsers. At 1000 pulses per revolution, even the slightest vibration (0.36 degrees of rotation per pulse) in the index shaft can add significant error to other pulsers. Index shaft noise, caused by vibration on the pipeline or bouncing in the meter movement assembly, can be interpreted as shaft rotation and produce false pulses. If the shaft is moved clockwise by as little as 1/3 of a degree, and then vibrated counter-clockwise, a false pulse could be produced on the output.  True Absolute Rate™ eliminates false pulses. Absolute rate or shaft position is determined using direction and position tracking algorithms and removes false pulses due to vibration. Only MicroPulser uses dual channel optics and a microprocessor to remove false rotation pulses and transfer precision rotation information to the correct output. If vibration or index bounce causes the index shaft to move in the opposite or wrong direction, the error rotation distance is measured. The index must then move in the forward direction by the same amount before pulses are again produced. Rotating 36 degrees (100 pulses) in the same direction reverses the absolute rate rotation direction. This allows for a +/- 36 degree de-bounce window to strip off false pulses caused by vibration or index noise.