SSV with Heater

The SSV Spot Sampling Valve maximizes natural gas spot sampling repeatability and accuracy while simplifying the sampling process. It fits between the sample probe and sample cylinder and includes the liquids separator, bypass vent valve, fill & empty valve, and extension tube pigtail with flow regulating port - recommended by the GPA 2166 standards for best accuracy. Field testing has proven that using the SSV with heated sample bottles provides consistent accurate samples. It can be used with the helium-pop or fill & empty sampling methods.

SSV Manual and Specifications (PDF)   

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  • Complete spot-sampling solution in a compact rugged package

  • 1/4” NPT sample probe and sample cylinder fittings
    - maintains compatibility with common probes and sample cylinders

  • Includes 1500 PSI sample pressure gauge
    - monitors the cylinder fill and empty process

  • Thumbscrew bypass needle valve allows for adjustable bleed or venting rate

  • Integral liquids separator with drain/bleed valve

  • Cylinder “empty” flow rate limiting orifice with thermal isolation

  • Single quarter-turn hand valve for quick fill/empty operation
    - uses poppet type valve seats for long life

  • Eliminates the extension “pigtail” at the top of the sample cylinder
    - makes setups quicker

  • 316 stainless steel construction with nylon valve seats

  • Easy to disassemble for cleaning

  • Field replaceable valve seats and O-rings


SSV Typical Application