USB MicroLink HART protocol modem, DIN mount, provides the hardware interface between Highway Addressable Remote Transducer devices (HART®) and a Windows® PC with a USB port. Universal Serial Bus (USB) drivers make MicroLink compatible with most software developed for RS-232 serial port interface modems. MicroLink appears as an RS-232 Com port to your software. Our MicroLink USB modems are compatible with all certified HART devices and all leading HART configuration and monitoring software that use an RS-232 serial port for the interface.

DIN Rail Mounted MicroLink USB Manual (PDF)
> HART Protocol Host App


  • Complete HART protocol interface
  • DIN Rail Mounted (35mm)
  • No external power needed - supplied by USB
  • LED provides device status
  • Drivers enable virtual RS-232 port for compatibility with existing software
  • Complies with HART physical layer
  • Transformer isolation simplifies loop connections and eliminates grounding effects
  • Includes USB drivers for Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, and 2000
  • Includes Microflex HART Host 3B app (60-day trial)