The GCH-500 provides a simple, efficient solution for preheating 500cc, 2 inch diameter, gas sample cylinders to comply with natural gas sampling standards (GPA 2166 and API 14.1). The GCH-500 heater is used with either the GCH-140 field controller or the GCH-LP-120 lab controller. The sample cylinder is typically preheated inside your vehicle on the way to, or at the sample location. Heating takes about 10 minutes. Insert a clean empty cylinder into the heater enclosure and connect the controller cable to the heater. Power for the heater is taken from your vehicles standard 12 volt power point or cigarette lighter plug. While heating, the sample cylinder’s temperature can be monitored using the controller’s display. When fully heated, the controller will keep the cylinder at the set temperature (typically 140°F) until you are ready to disconnect the controller from the heater and take the sample. The hot cylinder stays in the heater enclosure until the sampling process is finished. The heaters plastic enclosure provides a safe method to handle the heated cylinder while taking the sample without the need for gloves.

GCH-500 Manual with Specs (PDF)

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  • Designed to preheat a standard 2” OD 500cc gas sample cylinder

  • Works with either stainless steel or aluminum cylinders

  • Quickly preheats cylinder to 140°F, Cold to Hot in about 10 minutes

  • Low power (100 watts @ 12V DC)

  • Rugged polycarbonite case provides a safe compact environment for heating the cylinder plus a safe and durable method for handling the heated cylinder

  • Four heaters and four temperature sensors help insure uniform heating of the sample cylinder

  • Increased safety provided by thermal fuses

The GCH-500 heater requires either the
GCH-140 field controller 
or the GCH-LP-120 lab controller - ordered separately.