HM Configurator is a Microsoft Windows app used to setup and configure the Microflex HM series of HART protocol modems. HM modems can be configured to continuously poll up to 16 HART devices, acquiring variable data and saving it into modbus registers.  The varaible data can then be read using modbus RTU commands. The HM Configurator software uses the HM devices serial port connected to your PC or laptop for configuration so no special configuration cable is needed. You may need a USB to serial cable if your configuration computer does not have an RS-232 port (to configure 101-0029) or RS-485 port (to configure 101-0035).

HM Configurator app and the HART Addressing app are included on a CD with the MicroLink-HM modem.

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  • Compatible with 101-0014, 101-0029, and 101-0035 HM devices

  • Enable / Disable filling modbus registers with HART variable data

  • Set polling addresses for 1 to 16 HART devices

  • Configure modbus integer values for number of decimal places

  • Set HM device to be primary or secondary HART master

  • Set number of HART retries

  • Assign an error value for registers when a HART device is not responding

  • Read HART device type codes and manufacturer codes

  • Display HART device status information

  • Configure modbus port slave address, baud rate, and parity settings

  • Choose a modbus register map - by device or by variable type

  • Set modbus floating point byte order

  • View modbus register maps